Entrepreneurship Cup

University of Virginia Entrepreneurship Cup


Chiara Canzi
Executive Coordinator
U.Va. Innovation
chiara [at] virginia [dot] edu

Judging Criteria

Each concept will be judged on the following criteria.

These criteria are used at all levels of the competition: from concept submissions to each track, to presentations at each track semi-final, to presentations at the University-wide E-Cup final Nov. 22.

Please keep these criteria in mind when submitting concepts and preparing presentations for the competition.

1. Concept Originality

How bold and fresh is the business concept? Does the concept convey “wow”?



Seems old and familiar, not too creative, and may repackage old concepts as “new and improved.”



New concept, evoking a “wow” response. May be a unique combination of old ideas.

2. Value Proposition

Does the presentation/plan make a credible argument that the concept meets/exceeds customer need?

Low Value

Disconnected from customer reality


High Value

Meets or exceeds customer expectations

3. Does Concept Provide a Unique and Defensible Competitive Advantage?

No Advantage

Does not provide significant competitive advantage for the company. Easily copied.


Tremendous Advantage

Competitive advantage is unique and difficult to mimic. First-mover advantage strong.

4. Feasibility

How well thought out is the implementation plan or next steps? Are the risks addressed?

Low Feasibility

Implementation plan does not seem well thought out.


High Feasibility

Implementation plan is well thought out.

5. Can this Venture be Self-Sustaining?

Is there a credible model to monetize the business and achieve profitability/sustainability?

Low Feasibility

No sustainable revenue or business model.


High Feasibility

Credible pricing, volume and profitability/sustainability.

6. The Team’s Presentation

How convincing, coherent and professional was the team’s presentation?


Not convincing. Seems sloppy or incomplete and not presented in an understandable manner.



Presentation was clear, compelling and coherent.